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Sep 2
New UnCONventional: Just Gross

New UnCONventional: Just Gross


a question: does anyone else get second hand embarrassment when watching con panels? like when fans start asking questions? do you ever get so embarrassed that you have to pause the video momentarily and just, chill for a minute? 

I stopped attending voice actor panels years ago because of this. I think at one point my soul was bleeding.

The questions all fell i to two categories: The same shit asked at every panel so you already know the answers AND shit that is so embarassing it hurts.

It’s closing weekend at the drive in, so of course I’m seeing Guardians of the Galaxy for a third time.

I keep forgetting that I’m technically a part of Generation X and not a Millenial. Like just barely.



Collegehumors’ new video is on point as always


Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home

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Azir Login Screen Music


Leaked Azir Login Screen Theme from PBE

So we’re Sandstorm-rolling people now? This is a thing?

Because it’s going to make the entire internet feel like an Anime Con rave in 2004.

Hey look, it’s every artist I’ve ever met.

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New UnCONventional: Working Together

New UnCONventional: Working Together

Wait a second…






…can I magically charge an object by soaking it in tea???

(And should I spell it “magic” or “magick” because I’ve seen both and I’m confused as to whether there is some significance to the spelling?)

1. I don’t see why not! Just be careful what you put in tea, some objects may corrode or dissolve, and please don’t drink the tea afterwards as a safety precaution.

2. You can spell it either way. Magick, I believe, was the preferred method of spelling by Crowley, (was it Crowley?) to distinguish his magic from slight-of-hand magic. Half of the community spells it one way, the other half spells it the other way. Sometimes it is a sore area. But personally, I don’t think it really matters.

I think I remember the K representing something in Kabbalistic numerology, but I’m also prone to misremembering things. 

lol. Me too. Hence the side bar in there.

Was Crowley into that kind of stuff at one point?

Pretty much the majority of Thelemic stuff is based off of Kabballah. I’m certain that the K became an accepted spelling because of Crowley. 

it may have started with Thelemic stuff, but for the most part “magick” got popular because most of us neopagans are a bunch of pretentious asses.

I know I was at one point.